The Ego String Trimmer is cleverly designed in order to make it very easy and comfortable to use. There are three levels of sensitivity, which allows you to control exactly how much weed and grass you want removed from your lawn. You can operate all of the Ego series with just a single button press, which means even if you've little experience with garden tools, this is a fantastic choice. The cordless feature also makes it perfect for those unexpected moments when you need a quick trim or if you simply need to use the trimmer without waiting for an electric powered up version to do the job for you.

The Ego Trimmer comes with three attachments. The first two are designed to clip onto a garden fork or to be plugged into a power socket directly. They include a digital trimmer meter, which displays the current density as well as the maximum and minimum lengths of the trimmer's carbon fiber shaft. The third attachment, the Diamond Blades Trimmer, is designed for cutting smaller branches and grass. The batteries in the models designed for battery powered use typically last up to six months before needing recharging, although some models, such as the one provided by the Ego Company, are capable of lasting up to twelve months on a single charge.

One of the things that sets this model apart from other cordless lawn mowers is that its blades come in a variety of styles and lengths. The "Diamond Blades" trimmers feature a large blade that is made out of carbon fiber, which allows it to cut through thicker branches and leaves with more precision than any cordless trimmer we have ever seen before. The blade is attached to a heavy duty nylon hose which gives the operator complete flexibility in the type of law they would like to achieve. The length of the hose can be adjusted from six inches to nine feet, which allows the operator to reach areas that would otherwise be unreachable with a cordless model. This model also features a rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery, which allows it to operate indefinitely on a single charge. The battery is designed so that the charger base does not get too hot and can be used to power the unit when it is plugged into an outlet for a period of between one to five hours. The battery does not require a charge and is capable of lasting over twelve hours between charges. The lithium polymer battery has a high charge capacity but features a rapid discharge rate that prevents it from becoming depleted as quickly as a traditional battery.

When it comes to battery life, the Ego model features a long battery life of between seven and nine hours, which is just about adequate for most regular lawn maintenance requirements. The only drawback to this battery life is that it requires a minimum of a 2.5 Ah battery in order to operate properly. This makes the Ego battery a good choice for people who are not planning to use the trimmer frequently or for people who are less likely to have a large supply of batteries on hand. The two standard size attachments that come with the Ego trimmer include a forty-five degree blade and a three-inch extension to the chain. A two-inch extension can also be purchased, however, it is rarely required by most people.

The next item in this electric lawn mower and string trimmer review is the Ego's cutting system. This system is made up of a diamond carbon fiber shaft with a nylon handle. This system is capable of cutting any type of yard with ease, including grass, leaves, and branches. The carbon fiber shaft is also very accurate, even at different cutting heights, and is capable of cutting right down through twelve inches of thick stems. This is more than enough of a scope to give most people the service they need on a regular basis.

The last item we're going to cover in this electric lawn and string trimmers and edger review is the battery powered trimmers and edgers. These trimmers come in a wide variety of models, including gas, battery, and corded models. Cordless models are becoming more popular since they are extremely easy to use, and they offer a greater level of mobility than their battery operated cousins. Many people choose these types of trimmers because they will always be ready for action no matter what the situation.

This is the summary for this particular Ego string trimmers and weed eater review. It is important to remember that all trimmers are made differently, and that they all work in slightly different ways. However, from the points discussed above, it is clear that this brand of weed eater and string trimmer is well worth the investment.